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#ATLBBQFest And the winner is…….. #JimnNicksBBQ !!!!!!!

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When I stood in line at the Jim-N-Nick’s BBQ stand at the Atlanta BBQ fest this past weekend, the cynical part of me said: “This long line better be worth the wait!” Once I made my way to the front of the line I resisted the rack of ribs and ordered the Pulled Pork and Grits with Grilled Corn. In this case my second choice prevailed! I am not sure where how what or who made the grits that creamy, how the sauce was so great or how the corn was so flavorful yet simply seasoned! In fact I don’t remember anything else I tried at the fest… :-/

For locations and hours:

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The Recipe Snatcher


For the next few weeks or so I will be taking recipes from fellow bloggers, cook books and television personalities and preparing them myself and documenting the outcome.

There are times where a few things may need to be tweaked in a recipe such as the amount of people to be served and substitutions.

I am no Bobby Flay, Mario Batali nor will I be taking pictures with a $2000.00 camera and putting the pictures through Photoshop. These will be authentic pictures taken with non other than my iPhone camera.

*And of course I will include a link to the recipe author.

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Fried Potato Salad at King and Duke Buckhead, Atlanta


I was not expecting this when the waiter told me to try the potato salad. This definitely put potato salad on its head. I was actually impressed. King and Duke has a great ambiance and is a twist on modern American restaurant. Make sure you make a reservation, it gets pretty crowded after 6pm.

King and Duke
3060 Peachtree Road Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30305

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Capicola on Ciabatta Sandwich at STG Trattoria Buckhead, Atlanta

photo (7)

I was doing a Scout Mob search to see if there were any new restaurants that I haven’t tried, and lord behold STG Trattoria a tucked away Italian treat. For lunch that is, as I have not had the chance to visit for dinner.

Either way, while there I tried the:
capicola, aged asiago, manyfold farm egg, vidalia onion slaw, focaccia $8

This sandwich was awesome mediocre side salad aside.

This sandwich is defiantly get you out of your typical lunch time runt; if you have 45 minutes during luch you can take advantage of 50% of with the Scotmob app (which is only available for lunch for this restaurant) or you can call ahead, it’s still a great deal at 8 bucks!

They also have several other Italian inspired sandwiches and salads, calzones and pizzas

STG Trattoria
102 W Paces Ferry Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 844-2879

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Non-Stick Pans to be reserved for cooking eggs…


While visiting a relative’s home out-of-town, for the first time in a long time I made a steak in a non-stick pan. I was not able to get that nice brown sear without draining the steak of its juices.

Why? Because a non-stick pan is not meant to sear; it’s made with the intention of not browning or “burning” so that crisp you see on a fish at restaurants is unlikely.

Either way, I was still able to maintain as much of the juices as I could by finishing it in the oven and maintaining a medium well temperature (although I prefer medium or medium rare). On the other hand if you are making eggs, pancakes or things that are to not be browned a non-stick pan is optimal.

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